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Lyna Rose, The Magdalene Voices, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator

Mariaestela in Sacred Conversation with Lyna Rose.

Sometimes you have to travel thousands of miles to learn that your most important journey is the one within.

In this episode of The Magdalene Voices I join in Sacred Conversation with Lyna Rose.

Lyna and I were brought together a few years back by our mutual love for A Course in Miracles, at a conference in New York and having followed Lyna’s pilgrimage to Southern France over the past year I was keen to learn about her experiences and discoveries.

The Sacred Conversation is recorded just 2 weeks after Lyna’s return to the United States and is the first time she publicly shares her findings. It is personal and illuminating.

following your calling doors will open but you have to show up first.

Following your true calling is rarely a walk in the park. It requires massive amounts of courage on your part as well as a deep trust in the divine and a willingness to expand as you leap into the unknown.

Often it will feel and seem crazy to both yourself and the world, however as you continue walking your path guided from within you will build your sense of knowing and wisdom.

You may have long dark nights of the soul, but as you hold on to that calling you will illuminate the world with your being.

As Lyna leaped into her pilgrimage she embodied The Magdalene, the tower of wisdom illuminating the way for not only herself and her daughters but for all of us. Showing us what can happen when you choose to follow your calling with courage. Leading by example.

In this episode you will hear Lyna and I talk about:

  • What made Lyna uproot her New York Life and two daughters and move to southern France.
  • How the divine feminine called Lyna to South France..
  • How Lyna would spend one or two days with Mary Magdalene in her forest and what she learned.
  • How A Course in Miracles played a crucial part in connecting Lyna with her inner wisdom.
  • Why you have go to show up for the doors to open.
  • How our most important journey is the one within.
  • Wisdom in dark places.
  • Mary Magdalene, Martha & Lazarus.
  • What the word “prostitute” in Greek really means.
  • Using journalling as a spiritual practice.
  • The importance of working with both the divine feminine and the divine masculine
  • Lyna’s personal journey and her practices throughout the year.
  • Anointment and the process of it and meaning of it.
  • The importance of healing and cleansing our womb.
  • Seeing the body as a Sacred Vessel and a spiritual place.
  • The purpose of spirituality.
  • What Lyna learned throughout her year.
  • How we ground the divine through our bodies.
  • Why as women it is so important that we descend into our holy space.
  • How Lyna’s daughters were able to witness their mother following her calling with courage.
  • – and much, much more…

A couple of things…

In this episode Lyna mentions a few things…

Her beautiful “Twelve Prayers” which is available on Amazon here.


She mentions having found “Oil of Love” at the store “The Voice of Angels” in French “La Voix Des Anges” which you can find here.


Lyna reads to us from the book “The Gospel of Mary of Magdala: Jesus and the First Woman Apostle” by Karen L. King which you can find here.

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More about Lyna Rose

Lyna Rose is a writer, mystic & mother.

She just spent a year in Provence to study Mary Magdalene and to finish her book titled 52 Prayers To Enlighten Your Daily Life (Spring 2018).

After working in the luxury cosmetics industry for fifteen years, she transitioned into a career as an author, a feminine activist, and a self-healer.

Lyna believes that helping others to heal themselves is the greatest gift we can give them besides unconditional love and fresh water.

Find Lyna on her website
Lyna Rose, The Magdalene Voices, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator
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