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Are You Being Tested By The Universe?

– or are you doing just fine on your own?

You know that thing, where you get inquires from three new potential clients, you’re over the moon, excited and really looking forward to talking to each of them – only to have all three cancel within hours?


That you’ve attended the most amazing workshop, have your whole body throbbing with heart energy. Looking forward to implementing all the tools you’ve learned, it’s a rush – only to wake up Monday morning with a runny nose, headache and a sore throat?


You’re working intensely with your coach, get the most crazy breakthrough in terms of your business and realise that in order to follow your heart you have to completely change direction, cut products and services from your catalogue, become more clear, only to then start having sciatica issues (which holistically stands for financial situation, structure and resistance towards moving forward) and have pain on a level 10 shooting down your leg for weeks while you work on implementing all this new?


That you’ve been working out consistently, have gotten into great shape, is ready for competition only to fall ill the day before competing?


Because as a matter of a fact all of the above mentioned examples are in no way fictive, but actually real occurrences from my life.

Is the Universe testing you?

As early as last week someone mentioned to me “I feel as though the Universe is testing me. As soon as something good happens, as soon as I do something good for myself, then one or another things happens – pulling me back”.

Boy do I know that feeling – I’ve been there! Where my experience was that now… NOW I was being tested on my belief, conviction, goals, direction and choices.

But over the years it just didn’t resonate with me.

You see – we alone hold the responsibility for our own reality. We create it based on either fear or love. What we focus upon, is what we get, quite simply.

Very often we just don’t focus at all. We simply just float along in the endless stream of life without ever stopping.

We never make a conscious effort to get deep and all the way to our hearts, figuring out exactly WHAT it is we want. That is, deciding “ok, I want A, B and Y” and next dedicating ourselves in going for it.

Instead we let the Ego and our thoughts run the show, spinning us out of control with confusion and worry following. “Oh, this could be exciting, or this, or this”.

Slowly but surely the list of things “which could be exciting” grows while frustration follows right on it’s heels. (Which is usually when you end up in my chair).

When we ourselves have the responsibility of our own reality, and we at the same time know that the Universe consists of nothing but pure, undiluted love, then it makes absolutely no sense to me that that Universe should be “testing” us.

It would be the same as having access control before you could step fully into your potential, when the only thing that really requires is you being willing to live a life guided by love.

The Universe’s only intention is the very highest development of all involved = pure love.

The Ego and fear uses methods like force and coercion, while Love uses forgiveness, accept and patience.

One feels bad, the other good.

But if it’s not the Universe testing you, what’s going on then?

Basically it’s very simple – as is very often the case.

You’re simply about to break through the ceiling of your current vibrational level, which triggers your Ego to subconsciously pull you back out of fear of “what on earth won’t happen if you reach the other side.”

Practically you see it manifested in your life by something amazing happening….

You feel great, everything’s flowing, you’re making decisions in accordance with your heart’s calling and all of a sudden….

  • A ton of appointments get cancelled.
  • A mother gets sick and has to be taken care of.
  • A leg breaks.
  • The kids are being impossible.
  • Clients are dropping you left and right.
  • Projects are being cancelled right before passing the finish line even though you’ve worked in them for months.
  • You hit an unhealthy level of stress.
  • etc. etc.

My invitation to you, is to stop and consider what’s underneath the next time you experience “being tested by the Universe”?

What upper limit of abundance and “amazing-ness” are you really breaking through?

And how cool is it to regain your responsibility?!

  • That you’re not just some insignificant ball being tossed around in a game mastered by the Universe!
  • That you’re not a victim but the creator of your own reality!

I do also realise that it can be incredibly emotional to discover. Becoming conscious and aware of our behaviour and the reality we’ve created can be a very tough pill to swallow. Something I always support my clients in.

Knowing it can be tough, please make sure you overload yourself with love when you do this work.

And know, that once you’re aware and consciously acknowledge it for what it is – without judgement, then you also gain the ability to change it.

The Big Leap

The theory about breaking through the ceiling of your current vibrational level is beautifully described by the author Gay Hendricks in his book “The Big Leap”. He calls it “Upper Limit Problems” or ULP’s – and I can highly recommend the book.

We all hold the responsibility for our own lives, and how we choose to interpret and react to what happens. Simply put, you get what you choose to focus upon.

Let me know your experiences with and insights to “being tested by the Universe” in the comments below.


Thank you. I love you.

xo, Mariaestela

Spiritual Business Coach

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