A Course in Miracles

– Beginners Guide

Welcome to this “A Course in Miracles” Beginners Guide

Whether you’ve only just recently discovered the Course or it’s been calling you for a while, I welcome you to this A Course in Miracles Beginners Guide.

My intention is to touch upon the most common questions I encounter in my work with the Course. Questions I have had from clients, students and friends over the years, as well a reflection of the questions I was looking to have answered when I first started out.

This guide will expand as more questions arise. If you want to stay in the loop, join my Sacred Community here.

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The Magdalene Voices, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator, Speaker

“This world will change through you.”

– A Course in Miracles

A Course In Miracles, ACIM, Mariaestela

What is “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM)?

ACIM is a set of three metaphysical books in one:

  • The Text
  • The Workbook
  • Manual for Teachers

It was brought into this world by Helen Schucman in close cooperation with William Thetford over the course of 7 years and was first published June 22nd. 1976.

The Course as it is most commonly called’s most commonly used version is printed and published by Foundation for Inner Peace based out of Mill Valley, California, USA.

Deeply personal course

While A Course in Miracles is estimated to have been sold in over 3 million copies it is a deeply personalised course. It’s lessons pertains directly to your life, your experiences and your relationships. For this very reason it is important for you to get your own copy and begin your own study, as no teacher, however magnificent, ever comes close to your own inner teacher who is ready and waiting to guide and direct you the moment you are ready and open up the doors.

What is the purpose of A Course in Miracles

The purpose of ACIM is to help you remove the blocks you currently have towards the awareness of love’s presence in your life. This may manifest in different ways for you.

From the introduction of A Course in Miracles:

“The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however at removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is your natural inheritance.”

A Course in Miracles, ACIM, Beginners Guide, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator

Where can I buy A Course in Miracles?

While there are several suppliers online I highly recommend getting it straight from the original publisher here:

If you are getting it in English, the softcover version is my favourite:


A Course in Miracles has been translated into 26 languages, all of which you can find here:


When do I start?

Start today. Right this very moment.

You can really start any day. There’s no perfect day or date to start.

If you notice any resistance or feel the need to start on a certain day or date, know that that is simply your ego trying to stall. The only suggestion ACIM offers is that when doing the workbook you only do one lesson per day.

If you’ve picked up your copy of ACIM and have found your way to this guide – start today.

A Course in Miracles, Beginners Guide, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator

Where do I start?

This is where your journey and mind training towards love begins. You start where you’re being called to start. If you’re not sure or if you believe you’re receiving conflicting messages try this…

Sit in silence with the book for a while, become completely still, and simply ask “where do you want me to start”. Feel the answer more than think it. It’ll come to you as a knowing from deep within.

The knowing might only stay for a split second before the Ego and fear kicks in. That’s only natural given you haven’t worked like this before. If this happens just repeat the process above.

That’s fine, but what’s the right way to do ACIM?

Oh boy, we’ve struck gold!

That right there is your Ego and fear kicking in. See by asking “what’s the right way” you’re also implying there’s a “wrong way” and the secret is… there’s not.

With your current mindset this will probably be a biggie. You’ll have to trust me on this one. Once you go through the Course you’ll come to realise that things simply “are”. Love is. The Course will show you. All you need is to be willing. Willing to learn. Willing to love.

As you’ll see the Course never ever demands anything from you. It merely asks.

What is your personal experience?

I, myself started with the Lessons in the Workbook. One each day. Then, when I was ready I began reading the text, and the manual for teachers.

Once I started I couldn’t stop and I did the course several years in a row gaining deeper insight with every read.

Others I know have started with the Text before doing the lessons or the Manual for Teachers. There really is no right or wrong way to do it.

For more of my personal experience you may want to check out this episode of The Magdalene Voices out.

The Magdalene Voices Show & Podcast, A Course in Miracles, Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Coach
A Course in Miracles, ACIM, Beginners Guide, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator
A Course in Miracles, ACIM, Beginners Guide, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator

How do I know if ACIM is for me?

If you’re looking for a spiritual practice based in love, then ACIM and it’s principles might be for you. However you might be so stuck in your current mindset that you can’t see it yet. There are no adverts or marketing campaigns to get you on board with ACIM. What there is, is a call.

A Course in Miracles defines it like this:

“All are called but few choose to listen.”

If you’ve come upon A Course in Miracles there’s a reason for it. Whether you choose to listen is completely up to you. Ego and Fear may currently have a stronger hold on you that Your Essence and Love. The only way is by start working.

Lastly, love is love is love. Love is universal. ACIM is just one of the many ways of reconnecting with your true nature, Love. It’s the one I’ve chosen, thus it’s what I share.

However it’s the Love that matters, not the format. Don’t let yourself be held back by format, it’s just a trick played on you by the Ego. By choosing ACIM as your spiritual practice, you start acting, you start choosing love.

Finally A Course in Miracles never claims to be the only way, in fact quite the opposite. Whether it is for you, only you will know.

The language, the wording, the terminology all sound SOOOO Russian to me, I don’t get it and nothing makes sense!

Oh yeah, I hear ya!

I don’t think I’ve met a single person who got everything right from the start. I somehow knew ACIM was for me, but honestly, in the beginning, I.DID.NOT.GET.A.CLUE.

What I knew was that I was called, and so I started doing the Lessons. That was after having tried again and again to read the text, without success. I would fall get tired, fall asleep or suddenly have a lot of other things to do (which is also one of fear’s many faces, but more about that in another article). The words would jump around on the page, and make no sense at all. One day, it was like a switch was flicked inside me, turned on, and it all made utter and complete sense.

Imagine this. ACIM is like relearning to speak a language you forgot. Instead of the English tongue which you excel in, in ACIM’s case that language being Fear, now you’ve chosen to go back to your roots. Relearning your native tongue, Love. If this was the case, do you think that if you picked up a book that you would be able to read it from the get go?

No, right?

You’re relearning to speak Love. Relearning because you’ve only forgotten to speak it. It’s still there, all of it. ACIM only reminds you of your true nature.

Let patience and compassion be your companions on this journey home. Don’t hit yourself in the head. You’re not too late, it’s just the right time.

A Course in Miracles, ACIM, Beginners Guide, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator
A Course in Miracles, ACIM, Beginners Guide, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator

Is ACIM a religion?


No, is simply the shortest answer. ACIM is a spiritual practice and in the words of the great teacher Marianne Williamson in this great article on Huffington Post:

“Spirituality is not a religion; it’s a conviction of the heart.”

A Course in Miracles has no doctrine or dogma, what it has is Love. There are no commandments to follow or punishments if you don’t. There are no churches, temples or mosques, no priests, rabbis or imams – only you. You’re then one holding the truth – for you.

Yes, the terminology of ACIM is very Christian with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Which, with my personal story, took me some time to swallow, however it’s the message not the format that’s important. The message being Love.

Can I practice my religion while studying ACIM?


Although I, myself have not tried this combination I know teachers who do and does.

Again, ACIM has no doctrine or dogma so you may practice it with any religion. What it does is help you remove the blocks preventing you from seeing and experiencing your true nature as love.

A Course in Miracles, ACIM, Beginners Guide, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator
A Course in Miracles, ACIM, Beginners Guide, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator

I’m spiritual not religious

Me too!

When I picked up my first copy of A Course in Miracles I had many struggles with the seemingly Christian way of it. However through my studies of ACIM I have re-gained a deeply personal relationship with God I never imagined possible. A very different God from the one I knew from religion.

And by God I mean Love, the Mother Divine, Sophia Christ, She who lives and breathes within us all and have created us as an extension of the love She is. That is also the Heavenly Father, The Divine Child and The Holy Spirit. It is the Universe, Spirit and All there is, any aspect of God that may exist.

God lives and breathes within each and everyone of us, and while your sight may be muddy, your internal vision remains strong.

What I have found is that A Course in Miracles is a deeply sacred teaching transcending time and space. With your dedicated study of it you will open up doorways and portals within allowing Love in all of its forms to pour forth and lead you even deeper into the ancient wisdom of all sorts available to us through inner vision, inner hearing and inner wisdom.

Miracles? What’s a miracle?

A miracle’s a shift in perception from fear to love.

It’s the undoing of fear necessary to experience love. It’s when you choose to love instead of fearing, to be compassionate instead of lashing out, to try and understand and know instead of assuming and thinking.

In our current state miracles are flashes of light in a dark place. Reminding us of what we really are.

21 Days With A Course in Miracles, A Course in Miracles, Mariaestela, ACIM

21 Days with A Course in Miracles

If you’re a beginner and would like to dip your toes into A Course in Miracles I invite you to check out “21 Days with A Course in Miracles”.

Over the course of three weeks I, using video and exercises guide you deeper into the ancient wisdom of A Course in Miracles to help you lift your blocks hindering the awareness of love’s presence in your life.

Thomas, who purchased 21 Days with A Course in Miracles:
“I sit here today looking back at where I started and all I can think of is how thankful I am to have crossed paths with you. You and your course were a miracle, a light and most of all you were love.”

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