Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina


“Maria, I just want you to know that our session gave me permission to just be who I am and do what I do! You are a gift!”
Robin Mayberry
Artist | Explorer | Facilitator of Creative & Healing Workshops
Spiritual Business Coach, Maria Saraphina

Radiant One,

Join me for a deep and powerful 1:1 Immersion focused solely on you and/or your business.

You. Me. 4-5 hrs of uninterrupted time to immerse ourselves in what’s on your heart and on your mind. In your life, work and business.







Weave the worlds of magical and mundane, etheric and material, spiritual and practical.

We’ll go deep and dark, high and light.

Release what’s holding you back or keeping you stuck.

Anything that’s stagnant or stale will go in this deep clean.

Fears, worries and concerns will be voiced – to be transformed and transmuted.

Aligning you to that which you do want.


  • 4-5 hrs. including breaks.
  • Online in a private meeting room using Zoom.
  • Pre-session questionnaire to get the process started.
  • Audio & Video recording will be available to you following the session.
  • Suggested action steps for your next level so you can implement.
  • Aftercare instructions.
  • AMA/Follow up via Telegram or WhatsAppfor 7 days following the session (not including weekends).


Once you’ve paid for your Immersion I’ll reach out to you to schedule your Immersion.