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11 Benefits of Joining a paid Mastermind.

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While I cannot speak about the benefit of every paid mastermind out there, I can speak about the benefits of my Mastermind, The Magdalene Rising and while these benefits form the structure of The Magdalene Rising Mastermind, I believe they should be the core of any Mastermind.

I’ve created The Magdalene Rising Mastermind based on these five parameters:
  1. Love, Love, Love
  2. My experience and insider knowledge of the challenges that souldriven, heart based entrepreneurs meet/come up against (experience)
  3. My clear knowing and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work.
  4. Everything that I myself would love and want from a paid mastermind.
  5. My Souls Divine Purpose of supporting souldriven, heart based entrepreneurs like you with the expansion and growth of you and your business.
First of all, The Magdalene Rising Mastermind is, as everything I do and am, love based.

You are the expansion of the most loving Source. And as you were created, through expansion so to do you. Create through your loving expansion from within. Expand your business from within with the products and services that ask to be born through you. In order to bring them to life, you must be and become the container able to hold space for it.

That work is done in love, for love, by love and love.

Every step you have taken thus far has prepared you for that, and every step you will be taking in order to bring it to life, will mold and shape you even further. Into what you have always been, into who you are, in truth.

It is not a matter of adding layers, but of unveiling. Of uncovering who you truly are, always have been and always will be. You are the One although you may not see it yet or fully.

Note, that being based in love does not mean you get to shy away from your responsibilities, hide you magnificence or cower in the outskirts of our group.

During our time together, you will experience being seen for who you truly are, and being held to that a high standard. You did not come here to play small, but to soar.

With that out of the way – here are some of the many, many benefits of joining The Magdalene Rising Mastermind. (I seriously had to cap myself at 11, because I believe so strongly in this and could go on forever!)

1. Accountability

The best way to say this, is to say that there’s no place to hide in this Mastermind. I know that you came to this earth with a big vision and it is my mission, and task to support you in fulfilling that mission. That means calling you in, holding you accountable and seeing you in the highest light. You have something that’s been calling you for perhaps quite some time, and together we will nudge it out. By love, with love, in love, for love.

Every week you will be ask to list your top 3 priorities for the week so that we and I may support you.

Please note that listing your top 3 doesn’t necessarily mean that you ONLY do 3 things.

Chances are that you’ve got loads and loads and loads of ideas, downloads or things to do – and in my experience there’s also a very high probability that you’re experiencing significant overwhelm, exhaustion and confusing, unclear as to where to begin and what to do first.

So I’m gonna share my not so secret secret with you.

Prioritising your top 3 is our way of getting you out of your head and into your heart. Acting from that deep space and place within you.

2. Productivity

One of the amazing side effects of accountability is crazy productivity because once you experience the mad joy, crazy content and deeeeeeep satisfaction that comes from actually doing. Producing and creating amazing content, products, services, sending them out into the world you become not only an unstoppable force but source. You become a wellspring continuously giving and receiving. A vessel through which your souls divine purpose is expressing itself, fully.

3. Blending the worlds of magical and mundane, spirit and matter, physicality and etherial.

You may or may not know that my background, before jumping into the world of souldriven, heartbased entrepreneurship, had four pillars:

So, I’ve got the business side in place.

What I didn’t have in place those 10 years ago was my heart, my spirituality and my connection to Source, God if you will.

Today I do and I cannot imagine, nor does it make any sense to me why you would not blend the two. You are the love of God made manifest, a spiritual being having a human experience and it is within your power (and I believe purpose too) to merge the worlds. Re-creating within you and this world the wholeness you never left.

This is what you will learn and be trained in, in The Magdalene Rising, because while I am a very powerful guide, mentor and healer nothing ever supersedes or over rules your own truth and knowning.

4. Celebration

Every single week we will be celebrating your accomplishments and successes. However big or small. This will allow you to begin seeing yourself through a new set of lenses and shift your mindset from one of lack to abundance, realising just how crazy, amazing and wonderful you are. Just how hard you are working and how much you are doing.

I’m not gonna lie – this one can be a tough nail to crack. You have no problem seeing the highest in others. Seeing their true light shining through – by acknowledging your own? Hells no – well be prepared to be cherished, applauded and acknowledged. To use one of my favourite quotes from A Course in Miracles…

“A miracle is never lost. It may touch many people you have not even met, and produce undreamed of changes in situations of which you are not even aware.”

What that means is that everything you create in love, as the expansion of your souls divine purpose, is a miracle and you may never ever know the effects it can have on people you may never meet – that is why we celebrate each and every one of your accomplishments, however big or small.

5. Structure & Order

Just as much as I love the spiritual just as much do I love structure, order and organisation (hello, anyone else have an office supply and stationary addiction giving them heart palpitations from the mere thought of post-it notes, journals and pens?!)

Everything in this our magnificent Universe is in divine order. Everything in sync and alignment. From the tiniest plankton in the dark depths of the ocean to tallest tree on the highest mountain you will see the atoms, protons and neurons. They all serve a purpose.

Not only does the Mastermind offer you a very clear structure and order so all you have to do is lean in and allow yourself to be supported in the most magnificent way possible, it also clearly demonstrates the benefits of structure and organisation so that you may be inspired to find your way into the formats that fit you.

During our time together I will call upon you to bring structure and order into the way you do things, ultimately serving you, and your clients. Thus alleviating loads of mental stress and concern.

When something is out of alignment, the Universe course corrects. It finds a way. Something new is born.

6. Sacred, Holy Space

The Mastermind is soft place to land when you feel tired or wiry. It is sacred, holy space where nothing is out of bounce and where everything can be seen, heard and met so that it may be healed and transformed. It offers a 100% confidentiality giving you the opportunity to voice all of your doubts, worries, fear and concerns in sacred trust.

7. Clarity

Oh holy mother of joy. You know those moments right? When all that is true vibrates throughout your entire being. Moments of deep alignment making you almost overcome with joy, gratitude and feeling blessed stemming from a far deeper place than anything within time and space.

While those moments may be fleeting at first, they are none the less true. They fill you with true knowing that may or may not make sense in this world of form and matter.

This is the space from which you download your knowledge, and the source of your action.

8. Action

Clarity is nothing without action and you will be continuously encouraged in adding action and taking steps supporting your clarity, gnosis and knowledge. This coupling of clarity and action is what, step by step, creates your new reality. It does not happen miraculously overnight. It comes from one step after the next.

During our time together I will support you with suggestions and inspiration.

9. Consistency

Building a business, even one as based in Source, Love and Spirit as yours requires hard work, dedication and consistency. It requires for you to spend hours creating the most amazing content for your website, circles, potential clients and customers on a consistent basis. It means showing up in the places your potential clients may be, whether it be online or out in the world.

Most importantly it means consistently delivering a high level of presence, service and care in the delivery of your products and/or services.

It also requires for you to become the person who can hold space for that, and more.

Expanding from within. Becoming who you are, have always been and will always be. Which requires determination, practice and consistency in your rituals and practices, so that you may see her, feel her, hear her, sense her, be her.

10. Expansion of yourself and and your Business

Every single person I hold space for experiences an expansion of both themselves and thus their business. Whether it be through the act of surrender, creating and setting boundaries, saying no, clearing limiting beliefs, making loving space for yourself, finding clarity, taking action or something completely other, no one walks through my door without growing from within.

In our circle, what you bring is what will support both you and your sisters in their expansion and growth.

11. Healing & Transformation (Becoming)

During our time together shit’s bound to surface and with each new layer unveiled you will heal yourself of limiting beliefs, self sabotage and destructive patterns. In our calls and sometimes in the comment trails I will offer suggestions, teachings and experience if I find it to be relevant and serving the group as a whole.

And then there’s me…

In case it’s not clear from all of the above let me underscore that the one biggest difference between The Magdalene Rising Mastermind versus one you put together or any other Mastermind on the market is me as your guide, leader, teacher and mentor.

You can absolutely put together an amazing group of people and achieve great things, however, in my experience, over time, if there’s not a clear leader holding you accountable, seeing your greatness and a balance between giving and receiving, then it will wither.

So, Radiant One, are you ready to join us?

Thing is – I could preach about the benefits till the cows come home, but nothing beats experience and by now you will have an inner knowing as to whether or not this is right for you. It may be a small sliver of light or a big nudge pulling your heart strings.

If it is, I welcome you to join me…
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Early Bird Runs Out On Solstice

When you join before the 21st. of December you get an added bonus of 3 x 1:1 Sessions with me, discounted pricing and special payment options.

If you’re not sure and it’s because somethings unclear and you have a question shoot me a an email here.

I love you.

xo, Mariaestela

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